Sunday 30 April 2017

View My Posts Alone - WordPress Plugin


This is a WordPress Plugin which is used for the authors who write blogs in a Site. This can be mainly used for the Single Site Multi Author Concepts who does not want to share their writing with the others until it has been published. So for them this plugin can be very useful.

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Plugin Description

  • This is a very simple and easiest of all the plugins. The View My Posts Alone plugin is specially designed for those who have many authors(contributors) or allow guest posts, custom user roles to access their blogs/articles. In WordPress, a contributor can write as much blogs and articles as they can and submit it and wait for review (i.e) to be published from the administrator or the Person who is in-charge of doing these things. But at the time when the contributor or the custom user role member visits the posts section or the custom post type he/she can see all the posts that has been presented in that site. If that happens there is no privacy for the contributors to write up their article and put up in the blog.
  • In order to overcome this type of problems alone this plugin has been written and it is very successful even for lots of users in that blog. It will restrict the posts or the CPT to view only the posts that has been published or which has been saved as draft by that user alone. It will never display other persons write ups onto the Dashboard of the Others.
  • The Administrator and the Blog Author can view all the posts that are being contributed to their site and confirm what are all the posts that can be published and what not to be published.
  • On the whole this will be fantastic for the Users who are onto the Blogging and make things secret from the other writers.

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